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Protect your hair from heat with COMB Manuka Honey Infused Hair Oil

Protect your hair from heat with COMB Manuka Honey Infused Hair Oil

Now that restrictions are easing, it's time to dust off the old hair tools to come out of ISO looking on point. It's likely that our hair enjoyed the break from heating tools, so before we get too excited about finally getting a blow-wave, we should consider protecting our locks from irreversible damage caused by our beloved heat tools.

There's no denying that styling your hair with heat leaves your hair looking like perfection, however, in the long run, the damage from heat can wreak havoc on your tresses. That's why it's important to always use a heat protectant before you apply heat. Though finding the right solution can oftentimes be a little tricky, especially when a lot of the products on the market don't suit all hair types.

COMB's The Oil works in multiple ways to protect your hair from heat whilst keeping it in perfect condition and looking healthy. Firstly, adding COMB's The Oil to your hair creates a protective barrier that will reduce the moisture loss that comes hand-in-hand with applying heat. This will prevent hair breakage and damage over the long run, and will leave you with that perfect shine post-blow-wave that we all seek out!

Why it works:
  • The Oil's natural ingredients smooth the hair follicle, but with the help of our hero Manuka Honey that acts as a natural humectant, it traps moisture keeping your hair conditioned and hydrated - even with the use of heat.
  • The Oil creates a protective barrier on the hair shaft, making it less porous, and therefore reducing the appearance of frizz and flyaways, giving it maximum smoothness and shine. Research has also shown the oils in COMB The Oil trap moisture in the hair follicle, making your hair less likely to become victim to things that can dehydrate your hair, such as wind and sunshine.
  • Key ingredients such as Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Avocado Oil are key components in COMB The Oil, which are create a protective barrier from the damaging properties of heat- without the use of silicones. 
How To Use COMB as a Heat Protectant?
  • For best results, it's important that you apply COMB's The Oil to your hair while it is still damp. This works best on conditioned hair that allows for good absorption of the product.
  • Apply the heat protectant while your hair is wet and then top it off with 1 small drop of the oil applied throughout the hair ends before you get styling. 
  • Begin styling with irons once your hair is dry.
Tips To Naturally Protect Hair From Heat Damage 
  1. Invest in the good stuff. No matter how much you try to protect your hair with product, bad tools are likely to be harsh on hair, leaving irreparable damage. 

  2. Use low temperatures for fine hair as a little will go a long way.

  3. Treat your hair with a weekly COMB hair mask to ensure that it stays in top condition. Before bed, apply two full droppers of the oil all over your hair, massaging it in from roots to ends. Leave it on overnight and wash it out in the morning. 

  4. If the overnight treatment isn’t for you, you can yield great results in a fraction of the time using COMB as a moisturizing steam treatment. Apply a generous amount of the oil before you take a shower, pin your hair up and let the steam from the shower open the cuticle and penetrate into the hair. Then shampoo and condition as normal to leave your hair feeling amazing. 

Use COMB next time you want to style with heat, so you know your hair is in good hands whilst protected from damage. That way you can get the best of both worlds- perfectly styled hair, with minimal damage.



Image credit Alana Burns

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