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The COMB Story

Who we are

"Back when I was doing my bachelors in science (majoring in nutrition) here in New Zealand, I learned a couple of things about myself – my deep-rooted passion for health and wellness, and my appreciation for the beauty we’ve been gifted by mother nature.

Through my husband Hugh, the beekeeper in the family, I was able to learn how vital bees are for the planet and the future generation. My passion for health and wellness, alongside his love for bees, is the essence of how COMB came to be.

When I first learned about the bio-active healing properties of mānuka honey, a light bulb went off in my head. This was it... All-natural beauty products infused with Mānuka that would help restore our beloved planet, backed by science.

After bringing our little ones into the world, Miller and Max, I realised that reviving our planet and protecting their future meant more to me than anything. With my ‘reason’ infused into every product, my hope is to inspire you to realise your own beauty within you and help restore the beauty of our planet"

Emily Green