COMB est. 2018 

Designed for life, dedicated to you.

The quest for natural health solutions infused with New Zealand Manuka honey is what shaped the ethos of COMB.
Co-founded and formulated by Emily Green, a Nutritionist with a Bachelor in Science, ‘Rituals’ Daily Care essentials are formulated with the highest quality all-natural ingredients. We passionately strive towards producing results-driven and proven products that are silicone-free, with a zero hidden nasties approach and made without the harm of animals, whilst providing a luxurious sensory experience to the user.
With a beekeeper in the family, it was apparent the powerful properties of Manuka honey would become the hero in the COMB range. As a natural humectant, and the ability to hold moisture, the incorporation of Manuka Honey into a daily care routine seemed like a fitting solution in our wellness quest. 

Then and Now

COMB launched in 2018 with its highly regarded founding product, Daily Hair Oil, and now sees the release of the secondary product, Daily Face Oil.
With this new addition, we care about our environment and understand the responsibility of creating and delivering products. As we continue to grow, we are committed to driving change with our sustainability approach, whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing, which was the driving force behind the new look and feel of COMB.