We believe hair deserves good nutrition just as your body does.

The quest for natural and integrated health solutions to one’s lifestyle is what shaped the ethos of COMB.

Emily White, founder and nutritionist with a background in science, set out to seek a non-greasy, silicone-free hair formula that works without the addition of any harmful ingredients. After months of research and testing the market, Emily was frustrated to discover that most hair oil treatments contain silicone for its shine properties, however, didn’t align with the potential to negatively impact the health of the hair long term.

With a beekeeper for a partner, it was easy to see that the powerful benefits of Manuka Honey would soon become the hero in this experiment. As a natural humectant, and the ability to hold moisture, the incorporation of Manuka Honey into a hair care routine seemed like a no brainer.

Emily worked with a product developer and regulatory consultant to create a silicone-free hair oil that was infused with Manuka Honey, among other natural ingredients, and thus COMB Manuka Honey Infused Hair Oil was born.

Founded by women, we believe in women supporting women on all levels. We are passionate about driving change with our message, and thus proudly support Women's Refuge with one dollar from every sale being donated to assist women and children experiencing domestic violence.