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Beautiful, effective & natural New Zealand made therapeutic skin & haircare products inspired by indigenous herbal remedies, infused with Manuka and supported by scientific research.

Bee Fungi Research Manuka Oil Face Hair Donation

For the Love of Bees

For every bottle sold we are donating $2 to the Honybee & Fungi Research Fund initiated by the well-known Mycologist, Paul Stamets.

Varroa has become the number one cause of colony collapse globally. This research has discovered a natural solution, using two types of fungi to help fight against this destructive mite and help to save the bees.

Natural Essentials

Making skincare, haircare & lifestyle better. The Mānuka plant has deep roots in beauty & medicine. Nourishing skin & hair, Mānuka's unique healing properties have been called upon for centuries.

Designed by nature and dedicated to you.

The Power of Manuka

Rich in triketones and flavonoids Mānuka is a natural powerhouse of antibacterial and anti fungal properties and helpful in the treatment and prevention of a range of skin conditions. While its nourishing and restorative healing properties help contribute to smooth and supple skin

Our Story + Philosophy

Blending natural knowledge with modern science, COMB exists through a desire to better the planet one small moment at a time. Focusing on improving the everyday ritual of our consumer whilst reviving the planet for the future of generations to come.

A mode of operation that sees the notion of care through balance & consideration is at the heart of what we produce.

" Believing that hair deserves just as much nutrition as the body COMB boasts ingredients that would keep even the most meticulous of environmentalists happy."

– The Denizen

" COMB Mānuka Honey Infused Hair Oil is a little pot of gold for your hair. COMB’s Hair Oil harnesses the powerful benefits of Manuka Honey whilst being proudly silicone-free without the harm of animals.."

– Together Journal

" Powered by New Zealand-native mānuka honey, this hair oil by COMB makes us want to hit the upper octaves à la Mariah. A natural humectant, honey holds onto moisture, hydrating the hair cuticle without causing any build up.."

– Gritty Pretty

You deserve it: discover your new daily ritual

100% natural formula - designed by nature & dedicated to you.