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why your hair needs oil daily

why your hair needs oil daily

Never mind the misconceptions, just like your face, your hair also needs a good oiling.

When face oil became all the rage, it took a little adjusting to understand the concept of it not making our skin more oily, instead, we learned our faces really needed the hydration. Just like oil for your hair, it doesn’t matter what type of hair you have, it’s how you’re looking after it, and what products you're using that really counts. And, in most cases, your hair needs a good oiling to hydrate and repair any damage caused by the weather, active lifestyle, styling and colouring or even over-washing (yes, it’s a thing).

Caring for your hair doesn’t have to be hard, time-consuming or confusing, nor should the product you use contain any hidden nasties (you’ll be shocked at the “it products” that do), it’s about repairing not adding to the damage.

We created a formula free of silicones and parabens by utilising the power of mother nature. Manuka Honey was the hero in our quest for natural and effective hair care as research proves it’s the perfect ingredient for the job. Honey in cosmetic formulations traps moisture (i.e. it’s super hydrating) and has significant hair conditioning benefits, which is why our product leaves your hair healthier, softer and stronger after every use.

COMB Hair Oil is ideal for all hair types including fine hair (yes, we got you, our fine haired friends). If your hair is fine or thick, is oily, coarse or knots easily, COMB Hair Oil improves texture and hydrates the hair which makes it easier to manage day-to-day - without making it feel weighed down or greasy. Post wash, just one drop is more than enough when your hair is wet by running the oil through the ends to leave your hair shiny and soft once dried.

This is how Anna feels about it:

If you colour your hair (and let's be honest, who doesn’t these days), hair dyes open the cuticle to optimise the absorption of the colourants into the cortex. This has your colour looking fresh but makes your hair vulnerable to damage. Regular use of COMB Hair oil reduces the ability of the hair cuticle to swell, reducing the damage and protein loss. This is critical to keep your hair not only looking great, but staying healthy too, making regular oil use a must-do in your hair care routine.

To freshen day (or some cases, days) old hair, a single drop can add shine and lustre, ridding any signs of messy bed hair whilst making it smell and look fresh.

An overnight treatment is encouraged to rejuvenate after a week of gym, swimming or styling with heating tools- simply shampoo, towel pat to dry, add 1-2 drops throughout your hair before bed. In the morning, double shampoo and single conditioner, followed by 1 drop of COMB Hair Oil for styling - who, knows, this may just be your new favourite Sunday self-care ritual!

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