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A note from the girls at COMB

A note from the girls at COMB

A note from our Founder, Emily.

This year is a little bit different to the usual Mother’s Day. In the past it has been celebrating my own Mother, which usually starts with a walk at a dog park with a takeaway coffee in hand, followed by brunch in a chaotic crowded café. This year there will be none of that, and there are so many who can’t celebrate this occasion with family in person so my thoughts go out to them.

With a four-month-old daughter, this is my first Mother’s Day as a mother myself which will be a day of simply being together as a family. Although an incredibly stressful time for so many, there may never be a chance again in my lifetime to be able to have such quality time at home as a little family of three, and for that, I am immensely grateful.

What does motherhood mean to you?

Everything they say is absolutely true. It is the most amazing, rewarding and at the same time, challenging experience. I have never loved anything more in my life than I love being a mother. The deep love you feel for your children is more than I could have ever imagined and it certainly makes me appreciate my own Mother so much more!

What values do you hope to instil in your children?

Coming from a nutrition background, focusing a lot of my work in the field of disordered eating, it is incredibly important to me that my children have a positive relationship with food and their bodies. In my experience this is best established through leading by example and parents, especially mama, who complain about their appearances or bodies, even casually, make a big impact on how their kids think about their own bodies. This means I have a blanket rule in our household of no diet chat or negative talk about our bodies or others. Even things like discussing fictional characters, celebrities and friends and family, talking about what they do, not what they look like, is something I make a conscious effort to do. I don’t always get it right, but I am trying.

 What has motherhood taught you?

Motherhood has taught me patience and to take things slow. When you have a baby, everything changes.

I am used to always being on the go and am such a planner, which goes out the window when you add a baby into the mix! This has taught me to go with the flow a lot more and not to put too much pressure on myself to tick off everything on my to-do list. Embracing a slower pace of life was originally a challenge but something I have grown to love, especially during this period of lockdown with everything going on in the world.

Do you have any advice for other first time mums to be?

Short answer, no. No piece of advice can prepare you for motherhood and everyone, while coming with good intentions, can only speak from their own experience, and no experience is the same. If I had to say something it would be ‘this too shall pass’.

How will you be using COMB this Mother’s Day?

With my partner at home with Miller, I will be lathering my hair in the Manuka Honey infused oil, putting it into a top knot before enjoying a long hot bath with a book, letting the steam allow the oil to penetrate. 


A note from our Brand Manager, Arabella.

I can’t really answer the Mother’s Day related questions, as you can see, I fit the fur-mum category (we simply had to give a nod to the fur-mums, too).

However, this Mother's Day also looks different for me. I was raised by both my mum and grandma (Ninni) who are equally extremely special to me, so every Mother’s Day would be spent celebrating the two queens in my life. We would usually get all dolled up for a lunch at our favourite Gold Coast restaurant, I’d spoil them both with the same gifts so there was no fighting over who got what (I swear they were like sisters at times) and write them each a very loving card. My family are big on cards. 

But as Ninni got older outings became less and less and Mother’s Day would eventually be celebrated at home. This year, aside from COVID-19 restrictions, and just four days shy of Mother’s Day, our day will look unusually different as Mum and I sadly lost our Ninni. It’ll be just the two of us for the first time ever. We will still celebrate at home, and I’ll still get to enjoy spoiling her with a bottle of COMB, a light lunch and going through old photos of the three of us. We'll both treat ourselves to a COMB treatment whilst toasting to our Ninni and the good old days.

2020 no doubt has been a strange year, and during this uncertain time, one thing I do know for certain is time can run out when you least expect it. So, I lovingly suggest you hug those who are dear to you as tight as you can and as soon as you get the chance to post lockdown. Remind them of why you love them, what you are grateful for, take some photos and actually get them printed this time.

With love,

Emily and Arabella x


Photo of Arabella credit MGK Photographer
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