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Queen Bee | Hannah Barrett

Queen Bee | Hannah Barrett

With 70,000 followers on Instagram (and rising), chances are you know of Hannah Barrett. If you don't, well you're about to get a little more acquainted. A chartered accountant, public speaker, business owner, and avid charity supporter, to name a few, Hannah has many strings to her bow.

Hannah is pure sunshine, and it's evident from the second you meet her (even via the 'Gram) you'll learn she is passionate about inspiring people to live a healthy and active life, and genuinely and authentically seeks to lift those up around her.

Hilariously funny, kind and down-to-earth, we were so excited to hear that the long-time friend of COMB is bringing a beautiful baby into the world with her husband, Beauden Barrett, in September this year. With Hannah’s first Mother’s Day as a mother-to-be, we wanted to hear how pregnancy is treating her and how she plans to take on this new exciting chapter.

What was your journey to motherhood like? 
To be honest, getting pregnant happened sooner than I had anticipated but I am super excited to be on this journey and grateful to have my amazing husband by my side.

What scares you the most about becoming a mother? 
I am a bit of a control freak (haha) so I guess just not being able to control aspects of parenthood and having to "go with the flow". 

On the other hand, what excites you the most? 
There are SO many exciting aspects, it's hard to pick just one. Probably watching this little one grow, develop and turn into their own person.

Since falling pregnant, has your own relationship with your mother (and grandmother to be) changed? 
I have always been really close with my mum (she's an amazing lady), I am probably listening to her advice more now than I ever have before haha.

What are the most important values you hope to instil in your child growing up? 
To always always always be kind and accepting of others.

Has the COVID-19 Lockdown affected your pregnancy in any way? 
Usually, I operate at a million miles an hour, so it's been great to scale my work commitments back and take better care of myself. 

What is your favourite self-care ritual? 
Getting a facial (The Facialist is my all-time favourite) or having a hot bath, getting into some comfy PJs and watching Netflix with yummy treats.

Last but not least, what is your favourite way to use COMB? 
I love putting COMB on the ends of my hair after a shower, it leaves my hair feeling (and smelling) divine!


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