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Honey of the Month | Danijela Unkovich

Honey of the Month | Danijela Unkovich

Kicking off our Honey of the Month series is Danijela Unkovich, a firm favourite of our COMBThis Auckland based beauty works as a nutritionist both privately in clinic and at a care and protection facility for children, is the epitome of health and wellness, with a beautiful set of tresses to prove it.

If that isn’t enough to fill her time, she's also inspiring people around the world with her healthy recipes that are both nutritious and delicious via her Instagram (@healthyalways). Having spent the end of 2018 at the renowned cooking school, Le Cordon Bleu in London, her recipes and meal ideas are a gastronomic delight...and we think she's pretty sweet too.

How do you maintain balance when life gets busy?

Ha, still learning - always learning! I really do think it's paramount though, as life demands can get pretty full for us all and we need to safe-guard time to just be. I have been the type in the past to embody 'frazzled' when not careful, but I have found a few things that have really helped stop me. Technology boundaries are key - switching off emails and mobile usage at a certain time each night, and not rolling over in the morning and reaching for the phone first thing. I rely a lot on movement as a hear clearer - walking is one of my favourite ways to unwind, and a good way to mull over an issue/problem/spark creativity. Finally, carving out time frequently to either do something you love, or something you haven't done before! It's fun, and a nice way to unwind, and connect with yourself and others. 

What does a typical day look like for you? 

Most days are a little different! If I am working in nutrition practice at our clinic Feel Fresh Nutrition, I might be researching cases, seeing clients, writing up meal plans, or on emails organising workshops or corporate wellness events. If I am working in my community job, I'd typically be conducting family-style nutrition consultations, preparing resources, or managing our organic community gardening and cooking program which runs three afternoons across the week (we just harvested honey from our bees!). Around this, I run a health and wellness blog where I create recipe ideas and write on topics on health, usually inspired by conversations with clients - it's my creative outlet. Through this medium I sometimes collaborate with companies online and in the community on different projects, whether through resource creation, seminars or nutrition services. Together, it can all get a little busy at times, but I love, love, love it all, and wake up excited for work. 

comb hair oil daniela unkovich
What are your top three wellness tips for healthy hair? 

I am no guru at all, but what I have found has worked for my frizzy temperamental hair is to not brush it when it's wet as this can cause breakages, to only use heat when I really need too (trying to embrace au naturel after my GHD addition as a tween), and rinsing with cold water after a shower to seal in moisture. Am I allowed one more tip? Nutrition-wise, eating foods rich in hair-loving nutrients - like protein, omega-3's, biotin, antioxidants, and zinc - all help, as we're supplying our hair with what it needs to function at its best. I find a diet rich in whole natural foods not only helps my hair look it's best, but everything else too - skin, energy levels, sleep - you name it. 

What is a non-negotiable for you when it comes to health? 

Every single morning, without fail, I wake up and walk to the kitchen and drink a huge glass of water - maybe two. It perks me up straight away and wakes me up better than any cup of coffee ever has (and I love coffee!). When we wake up we're naturally dehydrated, and re hydrating can make a big difference to concentration, energy levels, skin and so much more, going into the morning. Try it! A game changer. 

What do you love about COMB?

I care about the ingredients in the products I use, and love that COMB has been formulated with effective, yet pure and natural, ingredients. Since using it my hair is more hydrated, but with no oily-feel or residue. I'm prone to frizzies, but thankfully COMB knows how to keep them at bay. It smells amazing too - it's reminiscent of holidaying in Italy! 


Danijela captured by the talented Peterson Brown Photography 

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