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The Fine [Hair] Details

The Fine [Hair] Details

Finding the right hair oil that doesn’t appear greasy once applied to hair can be tough, and one of the main reasons behind the development of COMB Manuka Honey Hair Oil. 

Greasy hair is undesirable, it's noticeable and it completely throws the whole aesthetic. Unfortunately, it's a part of nature and can’t be avoided, so you don't need your hair styling products adding to it.

Some popular hair products contain certain silicones for shine and other purposes which can potentially damage hair, whilst creating that unwanted greasy look. As Emily is a nutritionist, it was only natural for silicone to not sit well with her, instead she sought to create a solution.

Hence our all natural silicone-free COMB Manuka Honey Hair Oil.COMB MANUKA HONEY HAIR OIL

COMB is ideal for all hair types including fine hair. It’s great if your hair knots easily, as it improves texture and hydrates the hair which makes it much easier to manage day-to-day.

The trick is how you use it for fine hair. Post wash, just one drop is more than enough when your hair is wet by running the oil through the ends to leave your hair shiny and soft once dried.

To style 'next day' hair, rub one small drop between your hands and run your fingers through your dry hair from the mid top downwards (avoiding the roots) before you brush. This will make brushing easier, whilst preventing damage and breakage from brushing dry, knotty hair.

Finally, to really get the most out of your COMB hair oil we recommend doing a treatment once a week where you put 1-2 full drops through wet hair (either on its own or mixed with your favourite treatment), sleep overnight and then double shampoo the following morning to fully maximise the experience and achieve luscious results (sans grease).

Click here for more info on how to use COMB Manuka Honey Hair Oil.


Image Marie Valencia and COMB
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