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COMB Spotlight | Broccoli Seed Oil

COMB Spotlight | Broccoli Seed Oil

If natural sun protection isn’t enough to make it a formulator’s dream ingredient, the ability of Broccoli seed oil to deliver emollience without grease, and act as a moisturiser for both oily and dry hair types, make it the darling ingredient in a hair formulation indeed.  

What is Broccoli Seed Oil?

Broccoli is part of the cabbage family and goes by the technical name Brassica Oleracea. The seeds produce broccoli sprouts that are very high in antioxidants and are packed with loads of useful nutrients. Broccoli seed oil is extracted from the seeds by a cold press with no additional solvents or chemicals making this a natural oil that has high anti-ageing benefits. As well as being a good nutrient source, it is high in vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin K which are a dream combo of nutrients for healthy locks.


Here are 5 reasons why Broccoli Seed Oil is one of the hero ingredients in our Manuka Honey Infused Hair Oil.
Silicone Alternative:

There is a reason why many formulators include harmful silicones in their products. There is no denying the immediate dewy slip, feel and glow that silicones provide. The issue is the long term effects of using these ingredients in your hair care routine. However, look no further for an ingredient that gives you the same light, non-greasy, easily absorbed properties that won’t weigh hair down. Broccoli seed oil helps tame the frizz, and makes dull hair shiny. In a scientifically controlled study a conditioner containing 5% broccoli seed oil was compared to a conditioner with 5% 1000cst silicone oil. In the study, the broccoli seed oil formula imparted shine and gloss on par with silicone emollient. Nature’s answer to silicone-laden hair products.

Amazing hydration:

The fast penetrating oil provides grease-less hydration and quickens hydration of the hair, while a-linoleic acid (ALA) acts as a membrane fluidizer and balancing agent to maintain ultimate hair hydration.

Tames flyaways: 

The Vitamin B content helps reduce stress that combats hair loss in the long run providing superior softening properties for hair. Wonderfully conditioning yet non-greasy. It’s fast penetrating, absorbed quickly by the skin helping to speed up the hydration of the hair - making Broccoli Seed Oil appropriate for curly hair by helping improve the appearance of flyaways and frizz.

Powerful nutrients:

Vitamins B and C present in the oil make hair stronger by strengthening hair follicles. Moreover, since the Vitamin C in the oil fights free radicals, and also prevents unwanted hair loss by making the hair thicker and healthier.

UV protection:

The anti-cancer compound sulforaphane found in broccoli provides protection against UV radiation. Your hair is prone to damage from the sun, so Broccoli seed oil containing hair products will be your best friend this summer to provide a matrix of protection for healthy, radiant hair.  


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