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COMB for the Summer

COMB for the Summer

Post summer hair blues cured with COMB Manuka Honey Infused Hair Oil.

The holidays are over but summer is still here, and though we are in full swing of 2019, we’re left longing the carefree days spent by the sea or countryside.

It’s only natural to desire healthy locks with minimal-to-no effort to maintain, and the appearance that would make even 90’s Jerry Hall envious. Sadly, due to our earthy conditions being sea, sun, salt and sand, we don’t have the ability to achieve this without a little help.

As we embark on a new year, attempting to forget old habits and introducing a better sense of well being, we tend to focus on the good we put into our bodies, and yet our manes often get missed when it comes to nutrition.

Albeit blessed with our summers, the elements are nonetheless damaging. It’s our belief your hair deserves good nutrition as your body does, so COMB Manuka Honey Infused Hair Oil was developed to suit all hair types, with a no fuss routine that even the laziest honey can accomplish with ease.

COMB Manuka Honey Infused Hair Oil is recommended to use all year round to combat the effects of our harsh weather conditions. It’s great for fine hair that knots easily to improve the texture, and hydrates the hair which makes it much easier to manage daily. For thicker, more coarse hair, the formula offers a soothing, de-frizzing treatment to rid your tresses of any flyaways and rough ends. The silky lush softness is just an added bonus.

The trick is definitely how you use COMB Manuka Honey Infused Hair Oil - just one full drop is more than enough for a quick fix. When your hair is wet, rub it through the ends to leave your hair shiny and soft - and grease free - when drying! You can also rub one small drop between your hands, run your fingers through your dry hair (avoiding the roots!) before you brush it to make brushing easier, and therefore prevent damage and breakage from brushing dry, knotty hair.

For those in dire need of some TLC, an overnight treatment once a week with one-two full drops through the hair from close to the roots right down to the ends, and then double shampoo the following morning, will cure the harm summer has caused.


The Honey's x


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