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A Note from COMB

A Note from COMB

We are all feeling the impact of the current pandemic that is rapidly sweeping the world. Anger, resentment, anxiety, stress and uncertainty are some of the words that come to mind. This pandemic for some is almost like history repeating itself, for others, it’s the first crisis experienced as an adult.

I can’t help but feel all the above- it’s only natural as we burden this weight to question the next move during this unstable time. But, what I do believe is that in a state of crisis (without being insensitive to one’s personal situation or those on the front line) we can’t give up. If anything, it’s an opportunity to reevaluate various aspects of our lives. And, we can start by focusing on the silver lining.

What some of us are blessed with now is more time. Time is what we have been wanting, wishing and essentially, manifesting.  Some of us have shorter work hours, while others are able to work from home. Gyms are no longer in operation temporarily so we have the opportunity to replace the time spent at the gym, along with the commute time to now allocate to ourselves. We can get outdoors more, whilst keeping a distance of course. We also see mum and dads spending more time together, and kids enjoying having parents home full time. There’s time now for creative expression, commencing a long-awaited project, catching up on rest and self-care.

This experience has shown me if anything that we have all been aggressively pushing too much, too hard and for too long. We were humans doing, not humans being, and we were living as everything lasts forever. Taking life for granted saw us lose the true value of living. Actually,  we took freedom for granted.

Although, I get the world is angry and scared, remaining in a negative state of mind only makes the situation worse. And, right now self-care is more important than ever.

COMB is more than a hair oil. It’s a self-care remedy and confidence boost. The Oil can be used to transform your hair, which it will over time with frequent treatments. And, now you can do it from the comfort of your home office during the day or on your couch before going to bed. 

The scent creates an appeal and wonder, as it leaves people guessing what it is about you that smells so good- be it in the social distanced coffee line or on your morning walk. 

Good hair will always make you feel empowered, together and maybe that little bit braver. The world is going through it right now, but that that doesn’t mean your wellbeing and hair has to suffer along with it.

Stay well xo


Image credits: Marie Valencia, @lanathecowboy

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